Month: June 2014

Taurus - Ox

Blasteran antara Banteng dan Lembu

Entah gimana awalnya, tiba-tiba nyasar kesebuah laman web tentang ramalanย kepribadian berdasarkan tanggal lahir. Karena berdasarkan tanggal lahir, kemungkinan juga bisa berkaitan dengan horoskop, kebetulan saya Taurus.

You are sensitive and emotional and have a strong will. You are able to overcome the odd situation and disputed matters and help others in such cases. You like compromise and prefer to maintain peace. Sometimes you argue and lose goodwill, if you avoid arguing, in case you do, you can be among the grade 1 persons.

You do not like apathy and lethargy. You are always optimistic and take the things in a better way rather than to treat them pessimistically. Your Life Path Number 7 is also peaceful and affectionate. You are faithful and wish others to be loyal to you. You are a loving person and wish some one to love you the most and you always wish to return the same to the loving friend with the similar warmth.

This Number gives you a gentle, imaginative and high sense of intuition. You prefer to be independent and wish for a raised platform and you shall surely succeed. You are a determined person. Your approach is perfect, some times you need guidance and in absence of a proper guide, you are disturbed. You are a gifted person and can understand business methods pretty well but lack opportunities. Some times you feel that you lack self-confidence. If you just determine and restore your inner strength, there is nothing impossible for you.

Your profession under this Number has better chances if you master the skill of some technology in which you are at home, well deserving in-built within you, you have simply to learn and apply. Your craze is to expand your job or business opportunity abroad or in outer States within your own country, you like to enjoy life and wish to work hard to achieve the aim.

Your dreams are high and you will achieve them with the present set up of your stars and will. You are trying to come out of the restricted atmosphere to attain your goal of either good job or business and trading connected to overseas. You are strong within and possess the qualities of an absolutely balanced and unemotional state of mind in spite of being emotional at times.

Your success is not far, wait for an opportunity. Success always depend on good chances, when you get them, sky will be your limit.

Your Birth Stone is ‘Moon Stone’, ‘Pearl’ or Amethyst.